Life Insurance Quotes Without Medical Exam

Most companies ask for a medical exam so they can offer life insurance quotes and coverage based on the health history. The purpose of the exam is to ensure the company that the individual does not have a high-risk pre-existing condition. Some companies offer life insurance quotes without medical exam, similar to other polices.

A term assurance, or a term life insurance provides coverage for a limited amount of time at a fixed rate. After it expires, the client can acquire further coverage. If the applicant dies before the insurance expires, the benefits are payed to the designated person. This type of insurance is the most inexpensive way to purchase a substantial death benefit. It also offers life insurance quotes without medical exam, although the costs will be higher. Some insurance companies offer as much as $500k, regardless of the cause of death, unless the contract has specific requirements. Many people choose term life insurance, such as a 20 year policy, so that they will be insured until their children reach adulthood.

The difference between life insurance quotes without medical exam and those that require it is the price, due to the potential risk of medial problems that can shorten the life expectancy of a person. This type of policy has benefits, but also disadvantages that you should be aware of before making a decision. One of the benefits is the time required to obtain the insurance, because it can take four or six weeks to take the medical exam and send the medical reports to the company. Without the examination, the process is much faster and it can last only a couple of days.
Applicants that are concerned about accidents or death prefer an insurance provider that does not ask for medical examination. People that suffer from pre-existing conditions such as high cholesterol, high-blood pressure, sleep apnea and diabetes are often denied coverage or have to pay a large amount for coverage. High risk activities like sky diving and paragliding can shorten life expectancy and also increase the quotes. This type of policy disregards health conditions and makes coverage possible for those rejected by other companies.

The biggest disadvantage with this type of life insurance quotes is the additional cost that depends on age, the length of the term and whether the applicant is a smoker. Not all policies fit the individual requirements and budget. Before you make a decision, do some research and compare options. Quote search engines can give you some reliable numbers for coverage with and without a medical examination.